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Henderson City - County Airport
Henderson, Kentucky

The Henderson City - County Airport (EHR) is a modern general aviation facility, providing facilities and services to the aviation needs of regional industry and business users.

It is equipped with a 5500 foot paved runway  and full parallel taxiway.  RNAV-GPS (2) and VOR instrument approaches are in place.  LPV approaches now operational.  Radar service from Evansville air traffic control facility is available.  The runway  and taxiway are lighted.  Runway identifier lights,  precision approach path indicator (PAPI) lights, lighted windsock, automated weather observation system (AWOS), available by radio and telephone, make this airport available day and night in almost all weather conditions.

Unicom radio (122.8) provides arriving and departing pilots with advisories regarding air traffic pattern conditions,  and assists pilots in any other needs they may have.

A new modern terminal building provides very comfortable waiting area, restrooms, conference/meeting room, pilot briefing area, corporate pilot's lounge, including shower and sleeping facilities.  An online weather system gives up to minute weather conditions for flight planning.

Fixed base operator, Don Davis Aviation, provides part 135 air taxi service, fuel (jet and avgas), FAA certified aircraft repair station, flight instruction (single and multi piston, and helicopter), aircraft rental and pilot supplies.  Overnight parking and hanger facilities are available.  Rental cars are available with prior notice.

We are now proud to be home to Ron Collins Aviation Electronics.  Ron Collins Aviation Electronics has been serving the Tri State area for almost forty years.  We are extremely pleased they have recently elected to move to the Henderson Airport!  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Please come to visit both these outstanding aviation support businesses.

The airport is located close to the Henderson Riverport, Henderson Community College, Fine Arts Center, and industrial sites.  It serves a vital role in serving the needs of the area and is an important link in the infrastructure of the community.  It plays a  key role in retaining and attracting business and industry to our area.  It enjoys excellent support from the City of Henderson, Henderson County, Henderson Economic Development Council, Henderson Chamber of Commerce and the Henderson Industrial Foundation.


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